Kimberly-Clark Launches Global Rollout of Workday

Kimberly-Clark Corporation launches a global deployment of Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) for 57,000 workers in 60 countries. Workday Inc. will support a top goal defined by Kimberly-Clark to foster and build its worldwide talent. Workday offers SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources (HR), payroll and financial management.
"Our Workday HCM deployment is not just an HR initiative, it is a business initiative. We absolutely needed a new technology to help us do a better job of managing our most important asset," says Ramon Baez, CIO at Kimberly-Clark. "Kimberly-Clark has more than 57,000 employees — 50 percent of them outside of the U.S. — and we need a good grasp on managing that human capital across the globe. We want our business leaders to have workforce information at their fingertips, so they can make the right decisions at the right time when it comes to talent."
Kimberly-Clark's Workday deployment is under way in nine countries in South Asia, and will be followed by rollouts in North Asia, Middle East/Eastern Europe and Africa, Latin America, and finishing with North America.