Griffith Foods Rolls Out S&OP Tool Globally

Peter Breen
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Food ingredients maker and private-label product manufacturer Griffith Foods is expanding its use of the Logility Voyager Solutions tool to more regions around the world, the companies announced this month. 

Since deploying Logility in North America, Griffith has achieved significant benefits as a result of improved forecast visibility across the organization, realizing better inventory alignment and boosted customer service levels.

Griffith operates a global supply chain that serves customers across multiple channels including retail, quick service, casual dining as well as warehouse clubs and distributors. Increasing the complexity is the fact that each product is customized for individual customers. Griffith primarily makes each product in the region where it is sold, although individual ingredients may be sourced from its global supply chain. These ingredients must make it to the right locations around the world to satisfy the unique demands of each region and individual customer channel.

The initial rollout in North America enabled a more collaborative environment to drive an improved and streamlined S&OP process across multiple groups including sales, finance, planning and manufacturing. The company decreased working capital while improving service levels and reducing material obsolescence. Following that success, Griffith has deployed the solution across Europe and is currently implementing it in Asia and South America.

“Our customers expect the highest quality products, exceptional service and new innovations to satisfy the changing and diverse tastes of consumers around the world,” said John McCarville, senior vice president, global supply chain & IT for Griffith. “Our supply chain is critical to cost-effectively meet these complex challenges. With Logility Voyager Solutions, we have the visibility to accurately plan monthly, weekly and daily by product and customer. It allows us to be more strategic and proactive in aligning our sourcing, manufacturing and distribution operations.”

“For Griffith Foods, capacity and people must come together at the right time to meet the unique requirements of its growing global customer base,” said Allan Dow, Logility's president. “We are excited to help [the company] achieve greater visibility, synchronize demand and supply, and improve its leverage of inventory and production investments.”

Logility is a leading provider of collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions. The company ranked among the top 10 solution providers for Supply Chain Planning and earned the "Customer Satisfaction Leader" designation for Supply Chain Execution in the CGT's 2018 Readers' Choice Survey.