FieldAssist’s 1st App Unlocks On-the-Go Decision Making

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FieldAssist’s 1st App Unlocks On-the-Go Decision Making


SaaS-based sales automation platform FieldAssist’s new mobile app targets business leaders to shape the CPG industry.

The app regularizes the sales process by providing real-time data, on-the-go analytics and personalized dashboards, shortening the distance between data and decision.

The app escalates the success graph of the brands by simply allowing them to react to the market situation quickly. Eliminating the concern of real-time data, users can draw from freshly sourced data for their analysis, even while they are travelling.

Notifying the employees when the KPIs are missed, it sends out an alert to keep an individual posted about the progress of the company, which further allows a window for improvement. It also serves as a hierarchy and rule-based engine, providing real-time data across various verticals and departments.

Other benefits include providing a single data language across the organization, complete visibility of sales operations; tracking, visualizing and analyzing KPIs in real-time; streamlined reviews due to actionable data; monitoring sales team performance across the hierarchy; monitoring outlet performance; and insights about the customer outlets.