CPGToolBox Connects with Salesforce Lightning

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CPGToolBox Connects with Salesforce Lightning


To deliver packaged goods companies a more intuitive way to plan and analyze trade promotions, CPGToolBox released an upgraded TPM platform that harnesses Salesforce.com.

As the CPG industry continues to adjust to the effects of e-commerce and shrinking shelf space, improving the speed of information to remain competitive has become a priority.

The Salesforce.com Lightning version of CGPToolBox's Trade Planner platform offers a single-page interface with streamlined navigation, fewer steps, clicks and toggling for a better user experience and improved productivity. Upgraded features include reporting, on-screen data, cloning and an interactive planning calendar.

“CPG companies who utilize the Lightning version ... will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of a promotion in less time and with less effort,” says Rick Pensa, chief executive officer of CPGToolBox.  

A Forrester Research study commissioned by Salesforce recently quantified the time-saving benefits that come with Lightning, the newest version of Salesforce.com. The findings revealed that an organization deploying Lightning-ready software increased productivity by up to 25% and saved more than one hour per week over a three-year period.

“The fact that CPGToolBox Trade Planner is built on the Salesforce.com Lightning platform means we can pass all the proven productivity enhancements directly to CPG companies and help them take trade management to the next level,” says Pensa.

CPGToolBox is a TPM software provider and an independent software provider of salesforce.com. The company was an "Editor's Picks" selection in the 2017 Readers' Choice Survey.