L’Oreal Taps AI for Personalized Color Experiences

coloright interior
The Coloright hair color system

The L'Oréal Group is leveraging artificial intelligence for its latest hair color system, intended to modernize and personalize the salon experience for consumers.

The Coloright hair color system, announced prior to CES 2022, is designed to create on-demand customized hair color for salon operators and professional colorists, with a patented algorithm developed to provide more precise colorations.

The machine’s reader analyzes the client's hair, measuring such factors as hair color, gray percentage, length, and density — all of which can influence the effectiveness of hair color. The technology combines with a dispenser containing dry beads with hair dye, as well as cartridges of base creams, developers and diluters, to create a personalized hair color recipe.

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The Coloright is described by the company as an “AI-connected system” that can provide more than 1,500 custom possibilities.

In order to further meet consumer desire for improved at-home beauty experiences, the No. 13 consumer goods company also announced a device that’s designed to let consumers color their hair at home in a more sustainable manner.

The Colorsonic device

The reusable Colorsonic device, expected to become available at retail early next year, features a recyclable formula cartridge, multi-use gloves, and reduced shipping packaging.

"We aim to leverage science and technology to solve age-old problems for consumers, and Colorsonic is a great example of the power of innovating for consumers by innovating with consumers,” said Guive Balooch, global head of research and innovation's tech incubator at L'Oréal, in a statement.

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