Acosta Acquires Impact Group, Launches Two Sub-Brands

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Acosta, a global integrated sales and marketing services provider in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry, announced the acquisition of Impact Group, a sales and marketing agency with a national presence and local market expertise in natural, specialty, ethnic and emerging brands.

As a result of the acquisition, Acosta will launch two new sub-brands: Impact NSS and Acosta | Berg. Acosta's Natural Specialty Sales business will be renamed Impact NSS, and Impact Group will become part of this unit. Acosta | Berg aims to offer a unique and specialized van-based sales business serving metropolitan retailers in key urban markets.

The acquisition is expected to offer clients of both companies access to a wider range of expertise to help their products grow. The deal will help to open new opportunities, including a highly differentiated national confection solution; a hyperlocal, van-based sales solution; and a dedicated distribution capability to help emerging brands get to market. 

Acosta and Impact Group will integrate in the coming months, with Impact Group president Matt Buskirk managing the integration in a transitional consultative role to ensure cultures of both organizations successfully combine. Buskirk's extensive CPG industry experience and commitment to developing talent has been instrumental in helping Impact Group grow into the sales and marketing agency it is today. Impact NSS and Acosta | Berg will continue to conduct business as usual with expanded capabilities.

Impact Group's Marie Hanson has been named Chief Sales Officer of Acosta and will oversee the success of all HQ client-related activities across U.S. channels, reporting to Darian Pickett, CEO Sales Agency. Marie began her career in the CPG industry in 1994 and has held numerous leadership and executive roles at Impact Group, Mezzetta, Diamond Foods and Kraft Foods, among others.