Virtual Fireside Chat

    • Uncovering DTC Innovation and Marketplace Trends in Consumer Goods

      Learn how today's CPGs are leveraging technology to create a differentiated customer experience, where online marketplaces are playing a role, and where social commerce fits into all of this.
    • Unlocking Pricing and Promotion Innovation for Today's New Consumer

      Learn how consumer goods companies are making pricing decisions when relying upon historical data and behavior patterns is no longer a sure bet, and what the future of pricing and promotion innovation might look like.
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    • Future-Proofing Consumer Goods Through DTC

      CGT delved into the state of DTC maturity with the help of an industry expert, parsing through the benefits of today’s DTC relationships and how they can future-proof a business during a time when the strategies are anything but one-size-fits-all.
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    • The Changing Face of Modern Retail Execution

      Learn about today’s most effective retail execution technologies, the types of data CGs should prioritize right now, and what to know about becoming better trading partners with retailers.
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    • Future-Proofing ERP Investments to Meet Today's Consumer Demand Rollercoaster

      Learn everything you didn’t know about the detriment legacy ERP systems can have on retail and consumer goods operations, and find out about the companies that are really getting up to speed.
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    • Supply Chain Execution Playbook 2022

      Learn projections for supply chain execution in 2022, including what steps CGs can take to mitigate some of the disruption and complexity, the tech investments they’re expected to make, and just how today’s “hybrid operation model” will fare in the near and long term.
    • Tech-Driven Revenue Planning in an Omnichannel World

      Measuring trade promotion effectiveness has never been a straightforward task, but today’s abrupt digital shift has tangled the webs and tightened the knots for unprecedented complexity.
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    • Preparing for an E-commerce-Fueled Future

      Learn some of the most important things brands must know when it comes to digital commerce platforms and business models, including the trifecta of capabilities required to win customer experience, and why looking to digital natives for inspiration can be a big mistake.
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    • Watch: Finding More Meaningful Insights in Data

      Traditional macroeconomic data points may be interesting when it comes to exploring the impact of the pandemic, but they’re just not timely enough to drive real business decisions. If you’re not looking at things like weather patterns and population shifts — not to mention vacation home real estate
    • Where CGs are Putting AI/Machine Learning to Work

      Learn some of the biggest threats to AI and ML implementations and the greatest missteps that follow — and then get advice for CG leaders on de-risking your initiatives.
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    • Virtual Fireside Chat: Where is TPM/TPO Headed?

      During this virtual discussion, thought leaders in the TPM trenches share experiences, figure out the new rules, and explore what TPM/O might look like in a post-COVID future, as well as where revenue growth management fits in. 
    • Virtual Fireside Chat: Supply Chain Planning for Evolving Consumer Demands

      CGT spoke with a pair of executive thought leaders to learn more about changes, challenges and successes in today’s supply chain. Read on for an overview of the chats and watch the conversations.