Trax & Nielsen Dig into Retail Shelf Data for CGs

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Trax & Nielsen Dig into Retail Shelf Data for CGs


Trax and Nielsen have enhanced the Shelf Pulse data platform to provide a more insightful view into today’s retail store.

Using Trax’s shelf intelligence data and Nielsen’s electronic point of sale (EPOS) data, Shelf Pulse is designed to provide brands with a wide view into the store, enabling a deeper understanding of how their products, categories and competitors are performing.

The platform, which delivers customized, digitized measurements of in-store merchandising, planogram conditions and competitive presence, helps brands provide their retail partners with data-driven recommendations to increase sales and improve KPIs.

Leveraging image recognition algorithms that turn photos of retail shelves into granular, actionable shelf and store-level insights, brands using Shelf Pulse can access representative store samples of leading retailers. They can also receive impact evaluation of all category products, brands and segments for pre- and post-reset visibility, as well as information on such category shelf conditions as share of shelf, distribution, shelf positions and adjacencies.

Companies can access these insights and compile and share customized datasets from the platform.

“We are going through the largest reset of all time and retailers need help planning for this new reality,” said Pete Conti, Nielsen senior VP intelligent analytics North America. “Shelf Pulse enables brands to have unique ‘eyes in the store’ to more deeply understand their categories, competitors and overall performance, which can be essential to their success.”

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