Tech Transformation Podcast: Kreg Tool's John Bertrand On Investing in Data, Tech & Individual Awesomeness

We’re going on the road for this episode of Tech Transformation. We’re talking with John Bertrand, VP and CIO of Kreg Tool Company, about where they’re investing to prepare for the consumer of tomorrow and how they’re retaining top tech talent to do so.

We’re recording from Analytics Unite, the three-day live summit that gathered today’s leading minds in retail and consumer goods analytics. We’re talking about what makes Kreg’s new global headquarters so important for them, the consumer-facing technologies they’re betting on,  and about fostering a mindset of Individual Awesomeness.

Listen to learn:

  • How Kreg Tool Company is working to break down internal silos to advance its digital transformation initiatives
  • What the consumer goods workplace of the future could look like
  • The table stakes when it comes to recruiting and retaining top tech/IT talent
  • How Kreg Tool is investing in its IT infrastructure in order to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's consumers


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“Growth mindset to us means if you're not growing, you're dying. And that's personally as well as a company. So we believe, our associates, if they continue to grow, they continue to push and develop themselves as a whole our company will continue to grow.”

“We're actually employee owned, and so we want people to feel that they have the power to make decisions and act like an employee owner, as we move forward in the business. That's also very important. So everyone has that say, in terms of how do we need to be doing things, and they should feel like they're able to do that.”

“We're very conscious about making sure we bring in the right technologies for the future, to upskill our current employees to keep them engaged. … We do quarterly engagement surveys across the entire organization. We watch key drivers that are driving the engagement.”

“We've invested a lot into our digital consumer-facing technologies. …  We wanted to become more connected with our consumer and understand them better. And by understanding them better, we can be better partners then with our retail partners, such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, and etc.  So as part of that, we've had to invest a lot into our data infrastructure, and so we've been moving a lot of things into the cloud and using a lot of different tools so we can understand our consumer better and really setting ourselves up for success into the future.”

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