From Supply Chains to Smart Payments: How Tech Can Help CGs Grow



Consumer demand has shifted like never before as the global pandemic hit the CG industry last year. Not only was it difficult for consumer goods companies to continue to operate through major hurdles and disruptions, but many strategies were re-prioritized, or put on the backburner.  

That is why Chief Digital Officer Justin Marcucci, and VP of Retail Sales Elisabeth Bradley, both from Endava will join CGT to discuss how CG and retail companies are pivoting in order to meet these constantly evolving consumer demands. Attendees will learn:

  • How CG companies can adapt their digital strategy to better engage with consumers.
  • The challenges CGs face in building agility plus responsiveness into the supply chain and how this impacts costs and service options.
  • How flexibility in payment options benefit both CG and retailers.
  • Biggest learning over the past year for CG companies and the focus moving forward.

Join the conversation to learn about how industry leaders are using technology, not just to survive, but also to thrive regardless of the next big disruption. 


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