Quotient Launches Data-Powered Audience Solution

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Quotient Launches Data-Powered Audience Solution


Quotient Technology has launched Quotient Audiences, a data-powered audience solution that provides CPG brands more effective ways to deliver digital advertising that converts to sales.

Leveraging its market leading footprint of over 100 million CPG buyers, Quotient Audiences offers scale and depth of consumer purchase history and intent to construct targetable shopper segments for use in digital advertising across all platforms. 

Audience segments are built using item-level purchase data (offline and online) from about 400 million transactions per month within stores representing $150 billion of total sales per year, and from Quotient proprietary digital promotions network where more than 75% of all CPG digital coupons are activated.

Quotient is uniquely positioned to combine the deep CPG purchase data, captured though its exclusive retail partnerships with purchase intent data from tens of millions of consumers through its own digital coupon platform.

Quotient Audiences combines and deploys these CPG category and brand level purchase signals with data science within the Quotient Audience Cloud to produce highly targetable audience insights and segmentation that CPG brands can use to grow their businesses. These audiences are being used today in combination with Quotient’s media platform to power targeted, effective digital media programs that drive conversion to sales.

CPG brands that have used Quotient Audience segments in their media programs have seen return on ad spend of up to two times industry benchmarks, according to Quotient.

“CPGs are under pressure to make their marketing work more effectively to drive measurable sales, and we’re playing a leading role in providing the data and technology solutions that can best enable this to happen,” Quotient Technology CEO Mir Aamir said.

Quotient Audiences will enable connections to all critical digital marketing endpoints. These include demand side platforms (DSPs) and leading independent publisher platforms like Facebook. This ensures seamless activation opportunity across all digital advertising formats – display, mobile, video, social, advanced TV, streaming audio, digital out-of-home and more.

Quotient Audiences launches with several unique product offerings designed to meet the different needs of CPG marketers:

  • CPG Syndicated Segments – A library of more than 2,500 purchase-based segments available across multiple CPG categories and brands, built from Quotient’s data representing more than 100 million CPG buyers, and available to activate from all major commercial DSPs in their self-service environments.
  • CPG Custom Segments – Unlimited enhanced audience segments created from Quotient’s data to meet the specific objectives of CPG brands and activated from all major commercial DSPs. CPG brand data can be combined with Quotient data and other third-party data in a secure custom DMP to enrich segments further.

Quotient Audiences is supported with integrations into the Quotient Analytics Cloud. This allows campaigns to be measured and optimized using the same core audience data sets leveraging Quotient’s proprietary measurement solutions.

Quotient has also announced a new strategic partnership with Nielsen. Through this collaboration, media programs deployed utilizing Quotient Audiences can now have seamless connection to comprehensive insight and measurement solutions provided by Nielsen, giving CPG marketers a truly integrated path to targeting, delivering, measuring, and optimizing digital media programs that drive results.