News America Marketing and Toshiba Partner on Next-Generation Incentive and Media Solutions

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News America Marketing and Toshiba Partner on Next-Generation Incentive and Media Solutions

News America Marketing

New York-based News America Marketing and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Durham, North Carolina, are teaming up to revolutionize three incentive areas – at-register, in-aisle and at-home.

Retailers and brands will benefit from the products developed with this alliance. News America Marketing aggregates over 150 billion coupons per year by creating broad reach and omnichannel networks that enable brand marketers to plan and execute campaigns efficiently and intelligently. Toshiba, serving over 80% of the U.S. multi-lane industry, is a trusted partner of the retail industry and understands the complexities of point of sale innovation.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

“We know from the data that, even with all the disruption of e-commerce, 90% of CPG shopping is still done in physical stores, and we believe, especially in grocery, that as long as retailers embrace new technologies and omnichannel marketing tools to enhance the shopping experience, physical stores will remain a significant and transforming form of the shopping experience for families into the future,” said Zack Storer, News America Marketing chief growth officer, evp, digital, data and emerging technologies, in a media release.

Many of the tools currently used by marketers and retailers to incentivize consumers date back to the early 20th century and continue to evolve to become more relevant.

"Processing and handling across much of the retail space has relied on mechanisms and systems largely unchanged over time, making them ripe for innovation to become more efficient with manufacturers and retailers," Storer said in the release. "We are now building the future generation of flexible incentive platforms in support of streamlined shopping experiences across mobile, the store, at-home and wherever shoppers make decisions."

Together News America Marketing and Toshiba can lead the industry forward and cultivate an ecosystem of innovation and cross-industry collaboration to change how marketers perceive, utilize and value the media channels and impressions they can activate within the physical store environment.

“Sixty-two percent of consumers prefer the physical store as the place to find information about new products, much more so than social media, websites or search engines, according to our primary research,” said John Pistone, director of strategic alliances at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, in the release. “We see the collaboration with News America Marketing as a way to offer greater personalization to elevate the shopping experience.”

"We are committed to investing in our media and incentive product portfolio to meet the needs of both our retailer and brand partners,” said Ajay Singh, News America Marketing chief operating officer and chief financial officer.  

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