Getting to Broad-Scale AI in the Enterprise

Esther Shein
Contributing Writer
Esther Shein

Artificial intelligence is one of the most ubiquitous tech terms in use today – and, some would argue, overused. But don’t be turned off by the hype. AI is already having very real and significant benefits in the enterprise, and its impact is poised to grow even stronger. 

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Organizations that have adopted AI expect it to transform their businesses and provide a multitude of competitive advantages: improved efficiencies, agility and responsiveness, and predictive capabilities.

PepsiCo, for example, has shifted from relying upon hard drives and individual cloud locations when sharing learnings  leading to missed opportunities and lost insights  to a AI-infused platform. As a result, they've unlocked the ability to make higher-quality business decisions as a much more rapid pace, the company tells CGT.  

Read on for more exclusive insights from PepsiCo and Kellogg's — including how Kellogg's is helping break down data silos within its organization in order to more successfully scale AI across the business — and dive into the steps needed for CG companies to implement AI in the enterprise.