Converge Retail Debuts Universal Display System at GlobalShop 2019

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Converge Retail Debuts Universal Display System at GlobalShop 2019

Converge Universal Display at GlobalShop 2019

Coverage Retail, Hayward, California, has unveiled its latest kinetic retail display platform at GlobalShop 2019 in Chicago. 

The Converge Universal Kinetic Retail Display System aims to disrupt traditional retail by breaking down barriers most commonly associated with interactive in-store retail displays:

  • Compact Form: Four-foot sections can be joined for any size display and fit virtually anywhere. This includes narrow endcaps and other spaces not large enough to accommodate traditional retail displays.
  • Flexible Install: The system mounts easily on top of existing retail fixtures, or can be wall-mounted for even greater placement flexibility.
  • Affordable: Ideal for small chains and other cost-sensitive brands and retailers.
  • Easy to Deploy: System is ready to deploy out-of-the-box – no development resources required to get up and running.
  • Small but Mighty: Despite its small form factor, the system offers the same interactive experience as the larger-scale Converge platform, with rich analytics, reporting and dashboard access to give brands and retailers detailed insight into the customer journey.

In addition to the Converge Universal Display, Converge is making significant upgrades to the chassis design, customer user interface and data analytics that extend across its entire portfolio of kinetic retail displays.

Converge Universal Display

“The Converge platform has evolved significantly in the past year based on input from dozens of retailers and millions of customer interactions,” Converge Retail CEO Paul Chapuis said in a media release. “The new Converge Universal Display builds on that insight, making it easier and more affordable than ever for retailers to integrate the Converge platform into their stores. Removing cost and installation barriers as we have puts interactivity within reach of virtually any brand or retailer that wants to engage more deeply with their customers.”  

The Converge platform has been updated with powerful new software that gives retailers and brands effective tools to measure and act on customer engagement:

  • Salesforce integration enables a new scheduling functionality to automate follow-up with customers who engage with the platform.
  • Analytics engine makes it possible to automatically generate and send customer engagement reports via email to key brand and retailer stakeholders.
  • Customizable dashboard capabilities make it possible to display real-time customer engagement data; the retailer views information about the entire display, while brands view data pertaining only to their products.
  • Bilingual support enables retailers to deliver content to customers in both English and Spanish.

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