Catalina Debuts Multi-Touch Attribution Solution

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Catalina Debuts Multi-Touch Attribution Solution


St. Petersburg, Florida-based Catalina has launched an attribution solution that provides CPG marketers with a granular, real-time view of national campaign performance in stores at the UPC level. 

The product, called Catalina Multi-Touch AttributR, offers insight into up-to-date results and provides marketers the ability to optimize campaigns in-flight to maximize media spend. 

The Multi-Touch AttributR delivers campaign insights through an interactive self-service dashboard that tracks results across multiple advertising channels, creative executions and 390 million digital devices set against more than 30 buyer behaviors. Advertisers and brands can track the impact of advertising campaigns on item-level trial rates, repeat purchases and new buyers to the category or brand.

Already in pilot by some major brands, Multi-Touch AttributR is designed from the ground-up not only for evaluating Catalina-delivered advertising but also campaigns run from brand advertisers’ trading desks, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and third-party agency platforms with minimal effort. Prior to a campaign, Catalina asks marketers and agencies to install its attribution pixel to the creatives of their campaigns to capture consumer engagements across media channels and map those engagements to actual buyer behaviors.

“The Catalina Multi-Touch AttributR solution solves a major challenge that brands and retailers have historically faced in measuring how ads impact in-store sales,” said Kevin Hunter, Catalina chief product officer. “Our solution enables marketers and agencies to track the results of their advertising investments on store sales in real-time at the UPC-level, based on actual, deterministic, verifiable purchases. One of the most exciting elements of AttributR is that it gives brand and retail marketers the opportunity to reduce media waste and improve campaign performance by providing advertisers with a comprehensive understanding of which media channels, buyer segments and creative executions are driving purchases made in-store.”

Multi-Touch AttributR utilizes Catalina’s proprietary ID graph, which maps millions of digital IDs to shopper IDs to definitively close the gap between digital engagement and in-store sales, Hunter said.

“CPG brands still sell over 90 percent of their products in traditional stores,” said Amy Fitzgerald, Catalina vice president of attribution and measurement. “They need greater transparency into how their digital and omnichannel marketing investments are impacting results at scale. Catalina’s retail partners have an opportunity to improve their effectiveness and build a new revenue stream by working with Catalina to provide CPG marketers with a powerful new way to measure the performance of their marketing spend in driving buyer behaviors inside the store. 

“Catalina’s granular offline sales data, delivered in real time and at the UPC level, as well as our 3-year history of purchase behavior at the shopper ID level, provides a new and deeper level of actionable insight for CPG marketers to measure and optimize campaign effectiveness,” Fitzgerald said.

Catalina buyR3science

The Multi-Touch AttributR illustrates Catalina’s vision and focus on buyer behavior and innovation that solves for today’s complex marketing challenges. Combining scaled insights with 1:1 personalized media delivery and real-time measurement, Catalina buyR3science powered solutions enable CPG manufacturers and retailers to more precisely personalize, deliver and measure their advertising and promotional programs. Catalina is redefining what’s possible for CPG marketers, expanding their ability to engage, influence and measure the digital-to-store buyer journey. 

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