07/07/2021 Launches AI Demand Modeling Studio for CG and Retail

a close up of a sign has released its AI Demand Modeling Studio to the consumer goods and retail market. The solution enables companies with production-ready AI models, pipelines and workflows for demand forecasting, shaping and fulfillment use cases.

According to its Co-CEO Sivakumar Lakshmanan,’s customers don’t need to make a choice between the stability and reliability of a SaaS solution versus the flexibility and experimentation capability of an in-house built solution; they can have both.

With the primary goal to better understand consumer demand and more accurately forecast future demand, the AI Demand Modeling Studio aims to make it possible for companies to adopt AI-driven forecasting and other demand modeling practices without the heavy lifting required from generic AI platforms, nor the restrictions of black-box solutions to customize pre-built models.

The solution is customizable by design, allowing companies the ability to augment, extend, tune, and drive continuous improvement of the models, and create and use AI to make accurate demand forecasts. The Center of Excellence (COE) or data science teams can now configure’s AI models, or bring their own, in the same low-code modeling studio.