AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The unique interactive work space lets multi-disciplinary teams ideate, design and craft meaningful digital experiences.

For consumer product companies, science fiction is no longer science fiction. Imagine receiving a delivery of laundry detergent because your washing machine told Amazon you need it.

Steve Sachs, chief executive officer of OneSpot

With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, there’s no reason not to personalize — unless you actually want to imperil your brand's business. 

CGT launches a new, ongoing overview of shopper-facing technology providers by presenting a list of solutions we personally encountered in the first half of 2017.

The Coleman platform mines data and uses machine learning to improve inventory management, transportation routing, predictive maintenance and other processes.

Achieving broad competence in event-driven IT will be a top-three priority for the majority of global enterprise CIOs by 2020, according to Gartner.

MachineVantage is a year-old company building artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to drive product and marketing innovation.

Genpact Cora is an interconnected mesh of flexible digital technologies that homes in on specific operational business challenges.

Tata Consultancy Services announced a new collaboration with Intel Corp. to build a "future ready reference architecture" for the rapidly evolving digital transformation requirements of global markets.

The beauty brand expects AI-enabled conversational marketing and commerce to bring new opportunities to engage in continuous, personalized dialogues with consumers.

The prestige hair brand's software engineers created “Madi,” a chatbot that gives color consultations in Ulta stores just like human colorists do in salons.

Oracle announced new AI-based customer experience apps that aim to empower commerce, marketing, sales and service professionals to deliver smarter experiences across the customer lifecycle in real time.

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