100 Most Trusted CPG Brands

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100 Most Trusted CPG Brands

By Jamie Grill-Goodman - 03/29/2016
Market research firm BrandSpark International announces the 2016 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winners for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands.  The results were based on the annual BrandSpark American Shopper Study where over 38,000 shoppers determined the winning Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Household and Kids brands.

"Whether buying products for a new baby, treating a headache, choosing the right acne product or even which brand of egg to buy, shoppers want to make sure they are bringing products from trusted brands into their homes.  Now shoppers can find out which brands were most trusted by other shoppers in a national survey," said Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International.  "The annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards honors the brands Americans trust most, those they would recommend to friends and neighbors.  This award boosts shoppers confidence when making a purchase decision in store aisles."

The following os a small selection of the brands that made the list:

America's 2016 Most Trusted - Food & Beverage Brands

Baking:Betty Crocker
Bread: Wonder Bread
Butter: Land O' Lakes
Cereal: Kellogg's
Cheese: Kraft

America's 2016 Most Trusted - Health & Beauty Brands

Acne Treatment Neutrogena
Adult Incontinence Poise
Adult Sunscreen Coppertone
Adult Tooth Pain Relief* Orajel
Adult Vitamin Centrum

America's 2016 Most Trusted - Household Brands

Air Freshener: Febreze
Battery: Duracell
Cat Food: Purina
Cleaning Aids: Clorox
Dish Soap: Dawn

America's 2016 Most Trusted - Kids Brands       

Baby Food: Gerber
Baby Formula: Enfamil / Similac (tie)
Baby/Kids Tooth Pain Relief: Orajel
Baby/Toddler Shampoo & Wash: Johnson's Baby
Baby Wipe: Huggies

Click here for the full list of America's Most Trusted CPG brands, by category.

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