Relational Solutions, Mindtree's Center of Excellence for Analytics, Now Offers Analytics as a Service

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Relational Solutions, Mindtree's Center of Excellence for Analytics, Now Offers Analytics as a Service

By CGT Staff - 06/03/2016

Relational Solutions, Inc., a company in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Enterprise Demand Signal Repository Infrastructures, is now taking its service offerings to the next level with Analytics as a Service.

The market is seeing a severe shortage of data scientists and business analysts in the areas of sales, marketing, supply chain and financial analytics.

Mindtree has recognized the need in this area and in the past year, since the Relational Solutions acquisition, and has put together a program to address this need. Cleveland is now Mindtree's COE, Center of Excellence, for analytics. The company has hired more people and doubled the size of its office.

In addition to offering the integration services and report set up that it has offered for over 20 years, the company will now be offering analytics as a service that not only gives insights, but also provides predictive outcomes and prescriptive recommendations. Analytics will be provided across all industries. For consumer goods manufacturers we will offer several levels of analytical services.

Level 1: "Standard Analytics Services" will include Retailer Scorecards, Retailer OOS (using Retailer on hand data), Velocity Trends, New Item Tracking, Store Rankings and YOY Sales Trend Analysis.

Level 2: "Advanced, Predictive Analytics Services" will include the above reports plus OSA (On-shelf Availability), Replenishment, Supply Chain, SOQ (Suggested Order Quantity), OOS (Out of Stock). OOS will use Mindtree's Algorithm for cases where the Retailer Inventory isn't used, is non-existent, or unreliable. ESR (Estimated Sales Rate), and Cross Retailer analysis is also included in Level 2.

Level 3: "Advanced, Prescriptive Analytics Services" will include Alerts & Recommendations, Cross Selling, Root Cause Analysis, In Store Execution, The Perfect Store (What was suggested vs. What they did). Post Promotion Analytics (PPA) using current data, highlighting analytics such as Spike in Sales (lift) and Reduction in Price.

Level 4: "Other Analytics Services" will include VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), CAO (Computer Assisted Ordering & Monitoring), Planogram Analysis and Retailer Key Initiative reporting. We will also leverage our TradeSmart Model which integrates TPM plan data for Advanced Promotion Analytics, Integration of Competitive data, and Cannibalization models. PromoPro will be offered to give users the ability to group tactics into a single event as well as an interface to correct misaligned data such as ship dates, quantity, etc.