Readers’ Choice Survey 2019: Demand Data Analytics


The CGT community’s preferred providers of solutions for collecting, cleansing, analyzing and integrating point-of-sale, syndicated and other sources of retailer data.

Best in Category: Nielsen
Nielsen recaptured Best in Category honors in Demand Data Analytics this year, with one user calling its solutions “comprehensive.” Among the company’s more recent fans is global food and beverage ingredient manufacturer Tate & Lyle, which named Nielsen its U.S. market analytics provider last October.

Also, Nielsen and Microsoft announced an alliance to “democratize” the vast Nielsen Connect data set through the global-scale Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The goal is to help clients identify growth and accelerate innovation within an open data environment. Overall, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program grew 30% in 2018 to become the industry’s largest curated community.

SMB Market Leader: Oracle
Oracle’s 2016 acquisition of NetSuite gave it a strong player in the Demand Data Analytics category. The Netsuite platform undertook a series of innovations over the past year, including the rollout of tools to embed more powerful analytics within existing business processes and provide an intuitive graphical toolset. Oracle also unveiled CX Unity, a unique approach to managing customer data that enables companies to deliver an experience that is timely, relevant, and consistent across known and unknown interactions.

Users include Dutch confectioner Tony’s Chocolonely and U.S. pet product manufacturer BARK, the latter of which is using NetSuite to gain real-time insight into order management, purchasing, and inventory.

Customer Satisfaction Leader: E2open
E2open joined the top ranks of the category this year in a big way, capturing the Customer Satisfaction title with a 4.33/5 rating. In early 2018, Procter & Gamble tapped E2open to provide a next-gen demand planning solution.

P&G joined Land O’Lakes, Philip Morris and Walgreens on the client list, along with satisfied CGT readers: “E2open brings consolidation and integration of multiple software together into a single source for simple navigation of complex systems,” reported one, who identified E2open as his most valuable partner. Another noted that, for his company’s Walmart business, E2open “has enabled us to integrate multiple data sources that can now be used cross-functionally across sales, finance, supply chain, e-commerce and retail operations.”

Noteworthy: Management Science Associates
Clients had a lot to say about MSA, from the general (“Gives us the data we need to run our business”) to the specific (“Cleansing and mapping of distributor data generates robust data sets.”)

The survey takers who picked the company as most valuable vendor were even more effusive: “The level of data they provide helps us make good business decisions. Their industry knowledge enables them to understand our needs and recommend working solutions. I get the feeling they really care about our business,” said one. Another explained, “Their understanding of our business and ability to deliver solutions that directly influence strategy and tactics are unique. They are key partners and critical to our success.”

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