Pactera EDGE Launches Cross-Functional IX Lab

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Pactera EDGE has launched a new Intelligent Experiences Lab (IX Lab) to serve as a formal, continuous innovation program for piloting proof-of-concept initiatives, technology modeling, and experience-led platforms to scale integrated AI systems.

The creative, cross-functional space will draw on the solution provider’s data, AI algorithms and engineering, and experience design capabilities to drive digital transformation for its clients. It will be based out of the company’s Chicago office.

Ahmer Inam, chief AI officer at Pactera EDGE, said the lab’s goal is to stay in front of consumer trends and curate solutions ahead actual needs.  

“The platforms we develop here will help scale AI platforms and solutions across the entire enterprise and allow them to unlock the true power of integrated digital intelligent experiences,” Inam noted.  

Separately, the company is making LoopTalk, its voice-to-AI / text-to-AI transcription solution, available on the Apple and Google App stores. Doing so will enable the company to sample thousands of new voices, languages, and local dialects, recorded in real-life scenarios, ultimately improving the voice datasets available.

As part of this, the person making the recording will receive the AI-interpreted transcription that they can review for proper context, intent, and accuracy.

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