Nielsen’s TABS Analytics Teams with Brewers Advisors for Brewery Insight

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Nielsen’s TABS Analytics Teams with Brewers Advisors for Brewery Insight


Nielsen Connected partner TABS Analytics is collaborating with Brewers Advisors to launch a software and analysis platform designed specifically for breweries.

TABS Market Insights Connect is designed to identify sales problems, opportunities and indicated actions by enabling direct data integration for Nielsen customers. The collaboration is formed under the shared goal of helping breweries build their off-premise business by understanding key metrics.

Benefits of Market Insights Connect include the ability to assess the effectiveness and ROI on promotional dollars; understand the competition and demonstrate to wholesalers why their brands merit increased attention; and simplify chain selling support.

“The problem we solve is too much data, not enough meaning,” said Mike Mitaro, founder and president of Brewers Advisors, in a statement. “We have designed this system to help breweries understand their off-premise businesses, avoid waste and create value for their wholesaler and retailer customers. This is what everyone is trying to do, but we have made it easy.”

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