How L'Oreal Built a UV-Measuring Temporary Tattoo

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How L'Oreal Built a UV-Measuring Temporary Tattoo

By CGT Staff - 01/12/2016
WHEN L’OREAL PITCHES you on its new wearable, you envision a Wi-Fi-connected makeup compact or some sort of skin-toning helmet. Or maybe a lipstick tube that’s also a USB stick. What you don’t envision is a sticker—a temporary tattoo with teeny, tiny circuits inside.

The beauty company has its own tech incubator, run by L’Oreal tech guru Guive Balooch. His team partnered with sensor-maker MC10 and design firm PCH to create a wearable called the My UV Patch. It attaches directly to your skin and measures UV exposure, relaying the information back to an app. You access the app by scanning the sticker (using NFC or your phone’s camera), which you obviously want to put somewhere the sun will indeed shine.

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