Best Buy Woos Gamers with Alienware Shop

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Best Buy Woos Gamers with Alienware Shop

By Nidhi Madhavan - 11/22/2017

Best Buy is spotlighting its assortment of Dell Alienware PC gaming products with an out-of-this-world vendor shop.

Although the retailer previously sold the products in stores and online, it introduced enhanced, dedicated spaces for the line at 50 stores across 25 states this March. Powered by Intel and staffed with a Best Buy expert, the “Alienware Experience” allows shoppers to test select video game titles on the line’s laptops and desktops. The full assortment comprises 35 items ranging from virtual reality-enabled laptops, desktops and monitors, to specialized gaming keyboards and computer mice.

At 200 square feet, the store-within-a-store draws attention with ominous blue backlights and alien motifs. An oversized processor sits on one side of a header listing product attributes, while an impassioned message is printed on the other:

Best Buy has been supporting Alienware’s expanded presence in stores by running mobile banner ads and circular features spotlighting the brand ahead of the holiday shopping season. A brand showcase on hosts e-commerce links and demo videos.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Alienware boutiques actually replaced 50 of the Intel Experience Shops that were erected in 2014. Intel's store-within-a-store allows shoppers to explore cutting-edge technology such as 3D printing, although not all of the innovations are available for sale. The featured tech is refreshed each season.

See Collaborative Alliances in Best Buy’s profile on for more on its P-O-P initiatives with top tech players.

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