Bedrock Analytics Expands Nielsen Partnership to Canada

Bedrock Analytics has expanded its membership within the Nielsen Connect Partner Network to include Canada.

In becoming one of the first companies in the Nielsen Canada Connect Partner Network, Bedrock Analytics aims to empower consumer goods manufacturers with data visualization tools for Nielsen’s proprietary retail sales data.

As a Nielsen Connected Partner, Bedrock offers CGs the ability to extract meaningful insights and create sales stories from Nielsen’s data on product sales, category trends, promotional effectiveness, distribution strategies and more. Bedrock’s cloud-based software turns raw data into visualizations that can highligh tpositive product performance, uncover areas of potential growth, and identify potential threats.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Nielsen and extend our commitment to the Nielsen Connect Partner Network,” said Will Salcido, CEO of Bedrock Analytics. “Data-driven insights will fuel the next stage of growth for the CPG industry, and alliances such as ours with Nielsen are a crucial step towards democratizing data and analytics.”

“We are extremely pleased to continue the expansion of the Connect Partner Network through our efforts in Canada,” said Brett Jones, global leader, Connect Partner Network, Nielsen. “Our open ecosystem of trustworthy and innovative partners like Bedrock have made a tremendous impact so far in the United States, and this is an important step towards making that impact more widespread and growing the network globally. “