ASICS Europe Taps Zebra for Warehouse Efficiencies

Peter Breen
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Sports apparel maker ASICS Europe BV is using mobile computers from Zebra Technologies to increase productivity of warehouse operators in its distribution center by one hour per shift, the companies announced this month.

The warehouse operators are saving time and expenses by using Zebra's TC8000 mobile computers, which enable fast data capture during receiving/goods-in processes through such capabilities as hands-free proximity scanning that reduces the time spent moving products to capture data.

Inventory management, packing and shipping have also become simpler, more comfortable and intuitive, ASICS reported. The computer's large screen and design eliminates the need to tilt and verify each scan, capturing barcodes, checkboxes, text fields and signatures simultaneously and ultimately reducing worker fatigue and injuries.

Among other capabilities, an enterprise-ready Android operating system lets ASICS explore a wide range of new functions such as voice interface without sacrificing the stability or security of legacy Windows CE software.

“When our existing warehouse scanners were reaching the end of their operational life, we wanted to select a mobile computer that provided a truly comprehensive upgrade," explained Ronald Plooij, senior distribution manager of ASICS Europe. "Beyond the productivity increase we have already seen, we've also had excellent feedback from users. We are very pleased with our return on investment.”