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Tech Transformation Podcast: Aera Technology’s Fred Laluyaux On Decision Intelligence


Decision Intelligence is growing in adoption, and it’s poised to have a significant impact across the retail and consumer goods industries. In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking with Fred Laluyaux, Aera CEO, about the technology and how it’s reinventing the way CPGs get work done — and ultimately, the business of CPGs. 

According to Laluyaux, more global brands are turning to Decision Intelligence to improve efficiency, service, sustainability, and more.  

Listen to learn: 

  • How do you define Decision Intelligence?
  • Why is it needed, and how does it differ from business intelligence or automation technologies?
  • How can Decision Intelligence improve efficiencies, service, and the bottom line?
  • How are CPGs adopting it and what are the results?



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“There's a new generation, so to speak, of decisions that we're tackling with our customers, which are the decisions that are currently not being made, which is very interesting. … They're actually sitting at the intersections of multiple silos.”

“Getting started, learning how to do it is really critical. This is not going away. This is the intersection of AI, BI, and automation. This changes the way the work gets done. The impact of decision intelligence is similar to the impact of robotization of manufacturing sites. It's fundamentally giving organizations the scale and the agility to perform in this digital world.”

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