Data Synchronization in the SMB Market with 1SYNC

So much has been written about data synchronization, but most of the attention and case studies have focused on large Tier 1 companies. Executives from these larger companies have been actively touting the benefits of synchronizing with their retail trading partners, and many studies were conducted to prove the value. Most of that activity was spurned by high profile retailer mandates, which were soon to be eclipsed by even higher profile and more expensive retailer RFID mandates. The majority of Tier 1 companies currently have data synchronization solutions in place and are actively syncing product data with retail customers. However, not much attention has been paid to the vast number of smaller suppliers who are just now being pressured to synchronize with many of those same retailers. This month, CGT teams up with 1SYNC to take a look at data synchronization activities with these small to mid-size (SMB) suppliers.
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