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A collection of featured Columns.

NEW Horizons: What Gen Z Means for Our Workplace

Generation Z differs from previous ones, and we can learn a thing or two from them.

NEW Horizons: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

​​​​​​​In a culture that supports equality, everyone rises.

You’d think I’d learn. Every fall we have an Expo, and every Expo involves client dinners, so off I’d go, committed to a great night out until …

Female CEOs and board members continue to rise, but not fast enough.

Women are out of sight, out of mind of senior executives With the growing realization that flexible work arrangements – a shift in work hours, working remotely or job sharing – are key to attracting, keeping and advancing talented women at all points in their careers, discussion around the relati

Last fall, California became the first state to pass a law requiring publicly traded corporations to add women to their boards. Hmm, “All male? Go to jail.” Not quite.

Jody Kalmbach was standing in a lunch line at Amazon 15 or so years ago when her boss, Jeff Bezos, challenged her with a question:  “Are we a technology company or are we a retailer?” 

During his opening keynote session at the NRF Big Show in January, as he described his company’s upcoming initiatives, Kroger chief executive officer Rodney McMullen said ...

It’s pretty clear that a dramatic transformation is underway when the industry’s largest company sells off its namesake brand. That’s exactly what happened to the consumer goods industry in 2018.

Sights and sounds from people I ran into at P2PX in October.

Sorry, fellow kids, but it’s back to school in this edition of your favorite marketing-to-shoppers journal. So, turn in your flip-flops, beach books and SPF 30. Fear not: As we pivot into Q4, this is not an issue full of yesterday’s school bus displays, but instead one that’s focused on emerging growth ideas.

Whenever a magazine like "Shopper Marketing" gets sent to the printer, the editors have at least a few moments of angst wondering if all the information that’s soon to be published is accurate – and then worrying that the information will still be accurate when the issue lands on readers’ desks.

Now we find ourselves in an era when most traditional retailers are scrambling to turn back the clock and find simple, affordable ways to provide home delivery services.

I’m not much of a “holidays” guy. I think that’s because my late mother wasn’t much of a holidays gal. Back in the 1960s, my family’s Advent calendar tradition was watching her get progressively overwhelmed by the decorating and shopping and cooking and social obligations until she snapped.

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