Insights Report

Hygiene and CPG After COVID: New Habits, New Spaces, New Opportunities.

Not only has the Hygiene business boomed, but it’s been impacted by a shift in consumer habits, creating a rare chance for brands to move from the kitchen and bathroom into new opportunity spaces. Using social media data from millions of sources from the US to China, this report explores how changing needs are disrupting CPG, and outlines the window of opportunity for brands to respond. Key takeaways: 

- Changing habits and routines have now had time to evolve, creating new applications such as “decontamination zones”, and exposing opportunities for brands that have yet to be catered to.

- Consumer’s journey from “seeking control to premiumization” has created new and evolving needs, and also resulted in many previous functional needs becoming more lifestyle-driven, emphasizing format, fashion, brand, and technology.

 - To stay relevant to diverse cultures, brands must rely on both fast and contextual research. New technologies like AI-enabled social intelligence provide a broad, real-time, qualitative approach, which can be paired with classical approaches for both speed and depth.

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