Executive Council members discuss the latest industry trends and provide their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing consumer goods and retail companies.

Learn more about the Executive Council members in these interviews with RIS and CGT editors.

  • Uncovering Supply Chain’s True Game-Changer: Up Close with SAS’ Richard Widdowson

    We chatted with Widdowson, who’s a member of the CGT/RIS Executive Council, about retail’s shifting landscape, the power of collaboration, and the challenges that come with operating within a living, breathing — and ever-changing — supply chain.
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  • Target’s Store of the Future: Up Close with Frank Bruni

    As retailers have navigated the pandemic, few have garnered as much attention for an ability to marry physical and digital retail to serve customers than Target.
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  • The Simple Path Forward: Up Close with Oracle’s Michael Forhez

    We spent some time chatting with Forhez, who also serves as a co-chair of the CGT/RIS Executive Council, about what may be the most exciting and challenging consumer the industry has ever been responsible for serving.
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  • 'We Are Wiser from What We’ve Been Through': Up Close with Newell Brands’ Steve Sigrist

    We caught up with the CGT/RIS Executive Council member to learn more about how Newell is navigating the latest stage of the pandemic, as well what changes Sigrist sees sticking around once we’re past it.
  • Members share their perspective and expertise through thought leadership and editorial coverage that explores today's top-of-mind issues.

  • The Power of Location-Based & Behavioral Marketing In a Hyper-Personalized World

    2021 is expected to be the year of hyper-relevant messages as part of the eternal battle to gain consumer’s attention.
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  • Why Advanced Technology is the Key to CPG & Retail Collaboration

    Now more than ever, it’s essential for CPG and retail to learn from the past, optimize the present and align with the future through unified partnerships.
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  • Recovery Watch: Brands Ready For IRL Holidays With Marketing Tech Shifts

    Today’s brands are re-evaluating their marketing spend and tech strategies around holidays in order to better connect with the pandemic-era consumer.
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  • Systems-Driven Modeling Can Accelerate the Value of Digital Transformation in CPG

    Digital transformation as we've been doing it is not enough. It won't deliver the innovation and operational resilience needed to win in today’s constant change and challenge. Companies that can embrace systems thinking will accelerate value from their digital transformations.
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  • Meeting and Exceeding the Expectations of Today’s, and Tomorrow’s, Connected Consumer

    We are now entering a leadership and management true moment-of-truth — a test, if you will, with everything on the table. Make no mistake: A momentous market shift over the next 24-60 months is afoot.
  • Forging Strong CG & Retail Relationships: A New Solution for an Old Problem

    The topic of building a strong consumer goods/retail relationship isn’t new, but perhaps considering a new approach to expanding the relationship is.
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