BJ’s Pilots Express Scan

Nidhi Madhavan
Associate Editor - Content,
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As part of its pledge to bring increased technology use to its stores, BJ’s Wholesale Club is piloting a new self-checkout function at several locations in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida and New York.

The functionality relies on a standalone Express Scan mobile application similar to channel competitor Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go app. Club members scan item barcodes while they shop and complete their transaction by scanning a single code at dedicated upfront pay stations.

A landing page within explains the functionality and hosts an informational video. (See below.) 

Jewelry and gift cards cannot be scanned with the app, but can be paid for at the pay stations. Members can also use the app, which is powered by Toshiba, to look up prices and apply coupons to their purchase.

Several clubs are also offering handheld scanners at a kiosk near store entrances (a concept that Sam’s Club also tested and later abandoned). It’s unclear when the retailer plans to expand either version to additional stores.

BJ’s is quickly working to catch up to its rivals on the e-commerce front after hiring Rafeh Masood to lead its efforts in May. It recently launched an updated mobile app and redesigned mobile and desktop websites.

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