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Stewart Wolpin has been writing about technology for nearly 35 years, including news, reviews, analysis, and history, for a wide variety of consumer and industry publications and market research firms. 




How Mars’ Digital Transformation Is Accelerating Its Sustainability Commitments

Digitization and sustainability: two sides of the same coin. But how can brands balance the two? Mars, Inc., has seemingly figured out how to meld the two together as  part of its change management journey.  

How DTC Is Shifting Beyond Online Shopping

CPGs are using DTC to help track the consumer journey, to gain a more definable 360-degree view of the who, what, when, where, and why of customer acquisition, sales, and retention. Learn more.

Combe International: A Case Study In Immersive Transformation

Learn how the personal care company reimagined its brand experiences in the post-pandemic market and invested in the right media and technology to propel these goals.

The Art and Science of Loyalty Requires a Happy Marriage With Consumers

Success is no longer measured by individual products and sales, or about collecting, analyzing, and exploiting consumer data, but the need to provide a 360-degree view of both products and experiences that keep consumers returning to a brand.

How to Get Leadership Buy-In on Emerging Retail Media Opportunities

While digital media and data analysis work hand-in-glove, CG marketers continue to experience difficulty in "influencing up." Learn why and what to do about it.

P&G Innovates Data-Driven Sustainability Roadmap

P&G's Mouhammad Takieddin stressed the importance of science and data to measure and understand the entirety of a company's product producing eco-impact.

Preparing for a New Era of Consumer Data

How can a company leverage the flood of new consumer data generated throughout an organization? Get a step-by-step framework, including details on how CPGs like AB InBev, General Mills, and Mondelez are having success.