You’ve Got the Data … Why is No One Using it?!


Date: Thursday, Sept 16th at 11 AM ET

Insights are only valuable when they are being used to support decision-making and drive decisive action. That’s why the number of brands investing in AI and Big Data solutions, all of which promise to enable insight-driven decision making at scale, has increased significantly in recent years.

However, according to a recent survey, only 29% of companies are actually realizing transformational outcomes as a result of such investments — a figure that is worryingly decreasing year on year. The rest report that a combination of people, process and technological challenges remain an impediment to success.

Find out how leading consumer brands are using advancements in AI and predictive analytics to overcome such challenges and democratize insights throughout their whole organization.

You will:

  • Discover three steps for democratizing insights using advancements in AI and predictive analytics

  • See practical examples of how insights are being democratized to drive business growth within leading consumer brands  





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