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Welcome to Rise.

By Peter Breen - 04/28/2019

In today’s marketplace, consumer brands must strategically shift from being product-centric to consumer-centric. And to do that, they need to better align internally, collaborate externally, and implement analytics-driven, consumer-focused business strategies. 

EnsembleIQ’s Consumer Goods Technology franchise historically has chronicled the efforts of product manufacturers to improve their internal business processes by implementing tools and systems that can enhance the flow of information.

In recent years, however, these discussions about technology have evolved from tactical examinations of function-level “management” and “optimization” to strategic, full-scale “transformation” across the enterprise — with a bottom line goal of better understanding and connecting with the end-user consumer (and retailer partners).

Meanwhile, EIQ’s Shopper Marketing has been doing just that, tracking how product manufacturers are improving consumer engagement through deeper insights, smarter marketing and stronger collaboration with retailers. But lately, it also has been examining how marketers need to better understand the rest of the enterprise — because the consumer demand they now encounter is just as likely an issue of product sourcing, or manufacturing, or order fulfillment as it is about one of the classic “Four Ps” within their traditional job descriptions.

With both of these communities now looking for many of the same answers, it’s only logical to bring them together. 

Welcome to Rise
Retail Intelligence for the Strategic Enterprise.

The first half of the name simply refers to the fact that consumer product manufacturers must get smarter about retail. Executives need to better understand the overall retail marketplace and the key accounts for their brands, both of which have been changing dramatically. But they also need to better understand the business of retailing because the steadily growing need to engage with consumers directly is demanding that they act like retailers.

The second part of the name needs a little unpacking. In our viewpoint, a “strategic enterprise” is one that is strategically aligned to focus on consumers and shoppers. (Creative eyes in the audience may have noticed that the “S” in our logo comprises a pair of interlocking “C”s.) 

Our goal with Rise is to guide the industry toward sustainable growth and operational excellence by identifying solutions to the unique challenges of the consumer-centric marketplace. We will cover every aspect of the business that impacts consumer purchase decisions, from product ideation and development through the manufacturing and fulfillment processes and right on to the various sales and marketing activities that now drive engagement. 

With that, we invite you to Rise with us!