Thinking Beyond Building Demand Driven Supply Chains



With explosive growth in online commerce and new product introductions, demand signals have become highly fragmented. Positioning inventory at the right place has become ever more critical. Enterprises are facing challenges in supplier identification/discovery for direct, indirect materials and untapped procurement savings opportunities. This webinar by Microsoft and EdgeVerve (an Infosys company) brings together like-minded individuals and thought leaders to discuss current challenges and consider technology solutions that can help improve customer experience and build a resilient business while we emerge out of these turbulent times and be future-ready.

During this webinar, we will explore: 

  • How to break the linearity of dependence created by traditional value chains by transforming to a value network
  • How businesses can connect for enhanced visibility and resilience for their product, services and information needs
  • How your organization can accelerate profitable growth through near real-time consumer and trade insights
  • How you can gain complete visibility into sales, inventory and orders across their value network and get one step closer to an autonomous supply planning and execution




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