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Supply Chain Strategies for 2023

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Facing an uncertain future, savvy consumer goods companies are not just watching and waiting – they’re looking for new ways to thrive. The past year taught supply chain operators some hard lessons. Companies had to act fast to revamp their networks and processes to be more robust and agile. Now is the time to turn these lessons into action, and prepare for a future of complexity and opportunity. 

While there’s a new year ahead of us, CGs remain confronted with many of the same challenges they’ve been battling. Thankfully, a few lessons have been learned along the way — by focusing on the key themes of visibility, agility, and resilience, we’ll explore fresh approaches to bolstering resilience. We’ll also outline how consumer goods companies can build supply chain models based around innovation, flexibility, and customer needs. 

What you'll learn:

  • A snapshot of the supply chain outlook for the year ahead
  • Some of the greatest areas of opportunity
  • The tech investments CGs are making for a competitive edge

Learn by example from leading CGs, and update your supply chain playbook for the new year.


Tom Madrecki

Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics

Consumer Brands Association

Lindsey Peters

Global Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Lead


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