Supply Chain 2019: Building the Consumer Value Chain

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By CGT - 02/13/2019



The evolution toward an omnichannel marketplace is driving a revolution within the consumer goods supply chain, as companies rebuild their traditional practices in response to radically changing consumer behavior. An industry built on long-term planning for mass distribution of products must now contend with the need to respond to demand much faster and in far smaller quantities.

Using the fifth-annual CGT Supply Chain Report as the starting point, this unique webinar will examine the ways in which consumer goods companies are responding to these seismic changes and transforming their supply chain practices to meet the needs of an omnichannel consumer marketplace. Attendees will learn:

  • The traditional supply chain functions that are in the greatest need of modernization.
  • The critical role that advanced analytics will play in successful transformation.
  • The equally important role that cross-functional collaboration will play, and how to achieve it.
  • The impact that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain will have on future success.

Join a panel of subject matter experts as they examine the key areas of focus for consumer goods companies as they confront the unprecedented disruption they’re facing in their traditional supply chain practices.