Stop Drowning in Data: How CPGs Can Put AI in Action

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While the transformative power of artificial intelligence in consumer goods is undisputed, putting the insights into action remains a real barrier to progress. Whether it’s because of a lack of expertise or corporate buy-in — or because of inadequate infrastructure — many CPGs are floundering when it comes to getting started on their AI journey and unlocking the technology’s true benefits.

Using CGT’s just released special report, “Decoding AI to Apply Lucrative Learnings,” this webinar will explore some of the most impactful ways artificial intelligence is being leveraged in the industry, the hurdles that come with executing upon them, and best practices for overcoming common pain points. Topics include:

  • Exploring the innovative ways companies are using AI today
  • Digging into the CPGs that are having demonstrable success
  • Why bringing your associates into the process is so crucial
  • How to develop an AI-ready culture

Learn how to prevent your teams from being paralyzed by data so they can act on the business-changing insights AI provides!


Conor Keane

President & CEO

Spring Global

Cheryl Perkins

President & CEO


Lisa Johnston

Senior Editor


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