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07/20/2018 -
How do you succeed in a marketplace where the rules of engagement – increasingly empowered consumers, an evolving retailer landscape and a new batch of more-nimble competitors – keep changing dramatically? At the risk of sounding trite, I think “innovation” is the clear answer.

05/14/2018 -
With an agenda highlighted by Walt Disney Co.'s former head of innovation, the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit aims to help attendees unlock the innovation they need to succeed in a consumer-driven world.

06/22/2018 -
The Retail Technology Innovation Index identifies innovative companies that are successfully advancing retailer businesses.

12/18/2017 -
An optimal innovation pipeline requires the right organizational focus and structure. A good place to start is product management.

07/02/2018 -
Highlights from the agenda of the 15th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit

08/15/2018 -
The full digital edition of CGT's August 2018 issue is available here. The table of contents can be found below. How do you succeed in a marketplace where the rules of engagement with consumers, retailers and more-nimble new competitors have changed dramatically?

05/04/2018 -
Sandeep Dadlani, chief digital officer at Mars Inc., discusses the role that tech start-ups can play in driving innovation at the recent Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit.

08/21/2018 -
Forward-thinking companies must consider the entire supply chain ecosystem to optimize the overall customer experience, report says.

12/20/2017 -
Digital disruption in the marketplace and an onslaught of smaller, more nimble competitors is leading traditional consumer packaged goods companies to seek greater innovation from their IT organizations, according to a new report.

07/16/2018 -
An Executive’s Guide to new trends, consumer behavior, retail disruption, innovation, technology and the rapidly changing landscape of the industry.

09/11/2018 -
Merging the retail and e-commerce functions is one way the classic jeans brand is seeking to refit the company for growth.

07/30/2018 -
The retailing giant is partnering with Microsoft to accelerate its digital transformation to empower associates and improve the shopper experience.
Ahold Delhaize

04/30/2018 -
At the "AIRLab," seven PhDs will research socially responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers and transparent technology to manage the flow of goods.
Duncan Wardle

02/13/2018 -
Innovation guru Duncan Wardle will bring his unrivaled energy to the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit stage June 18-20 in New York to present easy-to-use tools for confronting today's unique business challenges.

05/30/2018 -
New initiatives from the two giants are the latest examples of leading CPGs launching or partnering with product incubators to find and foster innovation outside their own four walls.

07/20/2018 -
New features are designed to give packaged goods companies rapid feedback and optimization based on AI and experimentation.

09/05/2018 -
The supermarket company will operate an innovation lab within the University of Cincinnati to nurture future talent and tech.

01/31/2018 -
Over the next four years, IDC expects blockchain spending to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate of 81.2%.

01/31/2018 -
With help from technology partner Quotient, the grocer is formalizing its data-driven digital partnerships with consumer product manufacturers.

06/10/2018 -
For the third consecutive year, Unilever earned the top spot in Gartner’s annual "Supply Chain Top 25" rankings.
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