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05/01/2018 -
Now is the time for industry trading partners to tackle interoperability as a potential weak link in the development of breakthrough blockchain tools.

04/11/2018 -
In many industries, blockchain technology is still in the early stages of application. However, some consumer goods companies already are starting to realize its potential.

07/23/2019 -
The rapid expansion of blockchain is making it easier for business analysts to achieve operational efficiencies, create added value for their companies and enhance the customer experience.  

05/16/2018 -
The collaborative research group will explore the potential of blockchain technology in the automotive market.

08/31/2018 -
The Blockchain in Transport Alliance aims to spearhead the development of standards and drive adoption across the industry.
IBM Blockchain

08/22/2017 -
Companies including Dole, Kroger, McCormick, McLane, Nestle, Unilever and Walmart will work with IBM to find ways for the global supply chain to benefit from blockchain.
Bitcoin logo

09/11/2017 -
Michael Forhez speaks with Oracle colleague Peter Bambridge about the potential uses for this emerging technology.

10/02/2018 -
In its latest food safety move, the retailer is requiring leafy green produce suppliers to begin tapping into an IBM-built blockchain network by September 2019.

07/10/2019 -
The pilot will trace milk back to its origins as a way of bringing more transparency to the food and beverage company's supply chain.

06/01/2018 -
The vast numbers of parties involved in the production and shipment of consumer goods make the retail industry especially open to the benefits of blockchain, according to Deloitte.

08/27/2019 -
The beer brand recently teamed with Vatom Labs to launch a mobile, blockchain-enabled trivia game.
Walmart Canada

11/18/2019 -
The system uses distributed ledger technology to track deliveries, verify transactions, and automate payments and reconciliation among Walmart Canada and third-party carriers.

06/26/2018 -
By teaming with mobile marketing platform Kiip, the beer giant aims to make brand content more relevant while fostering greater ad transparency.

04/23/2018 -
Michael Forhez and Oracle colleague Peter Bambridge discuss the buzziest topics and technologies from recent industry events in Europe.
News America Marketing logo

04/13/2018 -
New York-based News America Marketing is using incubating and testing with blockchain technology to modernize how consumers, brands and retailers use incentives.

01/31/2018 -
Over the next four years, IDC expects blockchain spending to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate of 81.2%.

06/01/2018 -
GlobalData expects the initial hoopla to decline due to cost and complexity before blockchain is embraced for select applications.

04/04/2018 -
News America Marketing is testing ways to leverage blockchain technology to update how consumers, brands and retailers use incentives.

02/26/2020 -
The company ultimately wants to also leverage the QR codes on its packaging to introduce customized after-sale support and services.

03/08/2019 -
The packaged food manufacturer is using SAP's cloud platform blockchain service to track the journey of the yellowfin tuna it uses in products from the Indonesian ocean to dinner tables around the world.
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