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03/28/2017 -
Amazon Prime members may soon have access to AmazonFresh Pickup: a drive-up grocery store. View this video to see how it works.

02/05/2018 -
Sure, Amazon might ultimately take over the world. But don't shut off the mall lights just yet.
Amazon Instant Pickup

08/18/2017 -
Instant Pickup lets Prime members order and receive items at select locations in two minutes or less.

04/01/2017 - created yet more turmoil in the consumer packaged goods industry last week when news broke that the e-commerce giant plans to encourage leading manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers.

05/24/2016 -
Handmade atAmazon adds new product categories sold directly from Artisans.
Kohl's storefront

09/21/2017 -
Starting in October, shoppers will be able to return Amazon purchases at 82 Kohl’s stores.

03/01/2016 -
Brita and Amazon have teamed up to introduce a new Wi-Fi-enabled Brita Infinity Pitcher. Find out what makes the pitcher so "smart."

07/13/2016 -
Some wins for consumer goods companies include toys and shoes topping the list with more than two million purchased by members, and the most popular Amazon Dash Button brands purchased on Prime Day were Cascade, Charmin and Tide. Here are other highlights from Prime Day 24 hours later.

12/20/2016 -
The sky is not a delivery limit for Amazon, which made its first package drop by drone to a test customer near Cambridge, England earlier this month.

10/13/2020 -
Once advertisers realize the levels of strategy that can be executed using these two Amazon platforms in concert, it can drastically impact campaign performance for the better.

09/24/2018 -
A photo gallery and guided tour of Amazon's newest endeavor in Chicago.
Mihir Kittur, Chief Commercial Officer, Ugam

08/08/2017 -
Given that Amazon is extremely shopper-focused and has shown tremendous resilience in placing big bets, consumer goods manufacturers don’t have a choice.
Whirlpool washer connect to iphone

01/10/2018 -
Select Whirlpool smart appliances now support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing owners to control them with simple voice commands.

07/19/2018 -
Amazon’s highly anticipated annual shopping event, Prime Day, was bigger than ever this year, and EnsembleIQ offers you a curated collection of industry perspectives.

09/27/2016 -
Now, 55 percent of consumers turn to Amazon first when searching for products online, according to new study.

02/24/2016 -
Amazon has quietly rolled out seven private label fashion brands.Find out what the company plans for its foray into fashion.

08/14/2019 -
Amazon is taking its Scout autonomous delivery device from the Seattle area to a sunnier climate.

08/31/2016 -
A posting by the company states that it wants to create a work environment that is tailored to a reduced schedule and still fosters success and career growth.

05/15/2020 -
The company has produced a detailed open-sourced design package for both 3D printing and injection molding so anyone can access and manufacture frames for their community’s needs.

07/25/2016 -
Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf brands are expected to increase consumer convenience and simplicity with new Amazon Dash Buttons.
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