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08/13/2018 -
Southeastern Grocers is spotlighting products for outdoor entertaining with a "Taste of Summer" campaign.

02/20/2019 -
The world’s largest social food network is getting in the frozen treat space as it launches limited-edition Tasty ice cream flavors.

03/20/2019 -
The paper towel brand is tying in to NCAA Tournament hype by joining forces with BuzzFeed’s social food platform for a themed video marketing campaign.

10/30/2018 -
Walmart is investing heavily in affiliate marketing, partnering with media companies and influencers to pay them for generating clicks or sales.

01/02/2019 -
Media brand Buzzfeed, maker of the popular Tasty recipe videos that have an accompanying line of cookware products, is launching retail products tied to its Goodful lifestyle channel, which runs videos on wellness and lifestyle, as well as news items.

03/05/2019 -
Kroger is shining a spotlight on Hasbro tabletop games, and frozen, snack and beverage SKUs from a variety of manufacturers through a "Family Fun Night" program.

07/09/2018 -
The dairy products giant now has a majority stake in flaxseed-based milk and yogurt alternative.

09/28/2018 -
The retailer has selected 11 digital content providers to partner with on a priority level.

10/24/2018 -
Albertsons Cos.' Jewel-Osco leveraged October’s designation as “Italian Heritage Month” to stage interactive “Festa Italiana” (Italian Party) events at four Chicagoland stores this month.

11/07/2018 -
Sales of Tyson Foods' Grilled & Ready chicken were struggling as part of a total decline in foot traffic within the frozen department at Kroger stores. So the brand and retailer set out to develop a program that would drive awareness and trial by touting the product's convenience.

09/26/2018 -
Walmart is changing the way it works with digital content providers by choosing 11 partners to ally with on a priority level, P2PI has learned.