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06/25/2020 -
SAP detailed a series of new solutions for consumer goods companies at its SAPPHIRE NOW Converge conference, held online June 15–19.

04/21/2020 -
Jennifer Morgan will depart the company at the end of month as part of a mutual agreement.

02/13/2020 -
As consumer goods companies clamor for more low-risk, high-value options for tech solution deployment, the new model serves this need by rapidly enabling the features of SAP S/4HANA.

03/20/2020 -
The company said it is opening access to select technologies to ‘help employees, companies, communities, and governments continue to move forward.’

09/10/2019 -
The company is among the first planning to use the application for efficiently meeting customer requirements and rapidly developing new products and services.

03/31/2020 -
Inturn is teaming with SAP for the launch of its enterprise software solution that standardizes and optimizes inventory disposition for consumer brands.

07/23/2020 -
When Coca-Cola BIG was developing its human resources transformation strategy, it needed a solid, affordable and timely solution for a complex situation. Learn how it did just that.

02/25/2020 -
The acquisition will boost Accenture’s growing technology practice and number of SAP professionals in the region.

06/11/2020 -
Many consumer goods companies pride themselves on their ability to quickly innovate, but Ferrara takes this one step further by building the importance of agility directly into its corporate values.

02/03/2020 -
The company received an unexpected surprise when the consumer reaction to its limited-edition Old Bay hot sauce was so strong that its website crashed.

02/26/2020 -
The company ultimately wants to also leverage the QR codes on its packaging to introduce customized after-sale support and services.

03/25/2020 -
How can grocers bounce back in time to keep with consumer demand as long as the coronavirus rages on?
Infosys will be the first global system integrator to join the new IBM Public Cloud Ecosystem, to help bring IBM public cloud services to clients via service providers.

03/03/2020 -
Infosys will be the first global system integrator to join the new IBM Public Cloud Ecosystem, to help bring IBM public cloud services to clients via service providers.

12/18/2019 -
Brick and mortar stores are not becoming obsolete. They just need to get a whole lot smarter.

08/23/2019 -
The Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit will teach attendees the strategic direction needed to become disruptive industry forces, and highlight the new technologies that can help them get there.

02/28/2020 -
P&G, which is currently facing supply and demand challenges associated with the coronavirus, launched a line of multipurpose cleaners promising 24 hours of bacteria protection.

06/16/2020 -
The first phase focused on supply chain visibility and included solutions that leveraged blockchain, cloud and other traceability tech from FoodLogiQ, IBM Food Trust, and SAP.

04/20/2020 -
For CPG manufacturers, managing real-time supply and demand chain issues to support customers during the crisis has inspired new ways of working, innovative thinking and super-fast decision-making.

05/22/2020 -
Brands can set the foundation they need to deliver on consumer expectations by adhering to three fundamental rules.
Insights & Analytics Solutions Guide 2019

10/01/2019 -
A comparison chart of 26 leading companies providing solutions for the collection, analysis and distribution of critical business data.
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