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01/12/2018 -
Named "Storeytelling," the joint solution "recaptures the essence of merchandising and product stories in creating compelling visual experiences, linking virtual reality to assortment planning and planogramming and ultimately enabling a mobile, augmented shopping reality for in-store,"

08/09/2018 -
CGT presents a comparison chart of solution providers on the forefront of digital content management, with tools ranging from content creation all the way through to performance analysis. Plus, an industry expert offers some thoughts on key trends in an exclusive Q&A.
2017 Product Information Management Solutions Guide teaser image

07/27/2017 -
CGT presents a comparison chart of product information management solution providers to the consumer goods industry in 2017. Plus, experts provide thought leadership for navigating the challenges and opportunities affecting this area of investment.

06/28/2017 -
Fender's product content will now be available to the guitar maker’s global dealer network through a new business-to-business portal.

11/03/2016 -
Rick Chavie, chief executive officer of Enterworks, discusses the impact of "digitization" on the consumer goods industry at CGT's 2016 Consumer Goods Business & Technology Leadership Conference.
Editors' Picks

02/13/2017 -
The editors at CGT have handpicked a small group of additional technology companies that consumer goods organizations should consider when looking to solve their unique IT and business needs. Their distinctive business models and intriguing offerings — like an artificial intelligence-based perso

02/25/2016 -
Download this e-book and discover how product information management (PIM) solutions are helping manufacturers and retailers build engaging relationships with consumers and bolster the bottom line with fresh, tailored, informative content that satisfies individual shopper demands.

12/11/2015 -
With so much to do and see, CGT offers guidance on how consumer goods professionals can maximize their time spent at the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show.

12/11/2015 -
Learn from the experts as this issue of Straight Talk takes on the naysayers and explains what effective product data management can provide.

09/13/2016 -
CGT presents its inaugural listing of solutions that help to manage detailed product content within the consumer goods industry. Plus, experts discuss how critical it is to share consistent product information in an omnichannel landscape.

10/11/2016 -
In a digital and omnichannel world, consumers have access to more information than ever before, and consumer goods companies have to keep up with content they need for all of their brands. That is why this month, CGT asks EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie about creating consumable content through a robust product information management platform.

01/01/2007 -
Report explores how vast number of smaller suppliers who are just now being pressured to synchronize with many of those same retailers.

01/22/2016 -
CGT introduces you to 20 more unique technology and services companies that are worthy of your undivided attention.

02/22/2019 -
A short list of additional solution providers that nearly made the Readers’ Choice lists and are delivering unique value to the industry.

06/24/2016 -

Future retail success depends on "digital asset management."

Insights & Analytics Solutions Guide 2019

10/01/2019 -
A comparison chart of 26 leading companies providing solutions for the collection, analysis and distribution of critical business data.

02/03/2016 -
One of the best, low-cost, high-return investments a retailer can make is in improving both the quality of product information and the process for collecting it.

08/01/2019 -
Path to Purchase IQ’s editors provide a sampling of recent activations that are helping move shoppers along their decision journeys.

12/01/2019 -
A comparison chart of top vendors helping consumer goods companies develop the systems, tools, processes, assets and best practices they need to excel in the e-commerce arena.
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