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12/14/2015 -
In this CGEM session, Suresh P. Bharadwaj, Senior Director and Product Head – TradeEdge, EdgeVerve gives an overview of some of the lesser known innovations that can take your CPG company to the next level. Watch the full session at

04/20/2020 -
By creating a roadmap that properly harnesses internal and external enterprise data, consumer goods companies can yield big dividends across multiple business functions.
Editors' Picks

02/13/2017 -
The editors at CGT have handpicked a small group of additional technology companies that consumer goods organizations should consider when looking to solve their unique IT and business needs. Their distinctive business models and intriguing offerings — like an artificial intelligence-based perso

12/11/2015 -
Suresh P. Bharadwaj, senior director and product head -- TradeEdge, EdgeVerve, explains how to address the challenges to achieving profitable growth in new markets.

01/22/2016 -
CGT introduces you to 20 more unique technology and services companies that are worthy of your undivided attention.

08/08/2016 -
Prioritizing IT spend is a top challenge as precious resources are spread across equally critical initiatives. This month, CGT and Edgeverve look at how consumer goods companies are approaching IT investments.

08/12/2015 -
Trade Promotion Management (TPM) technology has certainly made a difference, but there are a lot of common misconceptions that derail potentially productive initiatives. Here, experts reveal the truths about TPM.

11/17/2015 -
This month, CGT and EdgeVerve examine the consumer goods industry's approach to emerging markets to understand the current status of initiatives and explore approaches to operating models and technology.

10/11/2016 -
Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the 2016 Consumer Goods Global Markets Exchange, a unique learning environment created to help inspire global growth strategies for consumer goods companies.

09/09/2015 -
CGT presents a comprehensive listing of consultancies that help to solve business and technology challenges for consumer goods companies.

06/08/2020 -
Whether its startups stealing share or consumers flocking to new purchase channels, the CG industry is facing more competition than ever before, making it the right time to re-examine your data strategy.

04/10/2020 -
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, retailers and consumer goods companies are looking for solutions to cope with both immediate business needs and the impact the virus will have on future shopping habits.