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02/19/2019 -
The home appliance manufacturer has integrated Dash's replenishment functionality into its entire new lineup of connected appliances as it aims to improve customer engagement beyond the product.

07/25/2016 -
Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf brands are expected to increase consumer convenience and simplicity with new Amazon Dash Buttons.

04/26/2017 -
Sparkling Ice joins the Amazon Dash Button program as grocery shopping continues to grow online.

06/02/2009 -
The new Fiesta Lime and Caribbean Citrus seasoning blends are made to add flavor to your dishes without the salt.

05/31/2018 -
The pet products company has integrated its "Serve Smart Feeder" with Amazon’s button-based replenishment service to let consumers automatically reorder dog food.

09/02/2015 -
Amazons one-click reordering service comes to the millennials who are making Ice Breakers one of Hersheys top three e-commerce brands.

01/03/2019 -
CVS/pharmacy took much of its holiday efforts online this year, expanding its reach by tapping social influencers and creating holiday-themed how-to videos, to name a few.

04/15/2015 -
Amazon set the Internet aflutter when it announced its latest digital innovation the Dash Button. Major CPG companies like P&G, Clorox, Coca-Cola and Kraft are already on board with the e-commerce giant testing with Amazon Prime members. It is already being said that these in-home buttons could give big CPG players the 'leverage they've lacked in e-commerce.'

03/01/2016 -
Brita and Amazon have teamed up to introduce a new Wi-Fi-enabled Brita Infinity Pitcher. Find out what makes the pitcher so "smart."
Dash Robot

12/29/2016 -
A New Jersey-based technology company is hoping retailers and shoppers alike will clamor for its new robotic shopping cart in 2017.  

10/02/2018 -
The connected pet company has expanded its portfolio with the Link AKC smart collar, which tracks location, activity, health, and other data.

04/19/2016 -

IRI, Chicago, recently launched IRI Lift, a real-time digital advertising solution that measures offline sales lift. 

09/08/2008 -
The company aims to provide significant opportunities for growth in the skin care category.

12/14/2009 -
CGT once again ranks the top 100 consumer goods companies by annual revenue. Where does your company rank?

12/15/2011 -
Beauty isn't everything. But don't tell that to this group of companies, who are making steady sales gains with innovative health and beauty products and business strategies.

05/26/2016 -
Unilever's centuries-old Mailles brand is targeting at the point of purchase to help left sales.

11/02/2011 -
Unilever made two big announcements in one week: First, its pending sales of Mrs. Dash and other specialty Culver brands for $325 million, and second, an expanded brand offering in the U.K.
Whirlpool washer connect to iphone

01/10/2018 -
Select Whirlpool smart appliances now support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing owners to control them with simple voice commands.

05/21/2013 -
Most CG companies want a post-event analysis (PEA) capability to help them understand the effectiveness of their trade promotion spending. This viewpoint, based on extensive work with clients, discusses principles that successful CPG companies follow when building a sustainable PEA capability.

04/24/2009 -
Within one year, Inu Treats began selling its pet products in multiple states but had a hard time keeping up with business growth. Vice President Dan Garrido knew that the young company needed more sophisticated technology to support decisions and improve productivity.
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