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09/17/2014 -
The Carlsberg Group introduces a vision for business it calls GloCal, which aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots.

04/06/2009 -
Accenture will help Carlsberg IT carry out SAP and Microsoft software implementations in Europe over the next three to five years.

04/09/2013 -
Falcon Social is expected to enable Carlsberg to create, launch and measure the performance of its social media campaigns and coordinate all its social marketing programs from a single, centralized SaaS platform.

01/19/2011 -
The services will support Carlsbergs future growth through the introduction of common business processes and an enhanced ability to share best practices across its European operations.

11/28/2018 -
Accenture led a digital transformation program designed to help the 171-year-old brewer become a modern, agile enterprise.

03/03/2008 -
On Friday, Jan. 25, 2008, Scottish & Newcastle plc (S&N) accepted a $15.5 billion takeover bid from the boards of Sunrise Acquisitions Limited.

03/31/2009 -
Norway's largest brewery gains greater visibility into its logistics operations using IBM sensor technology, and in the process, better serves Norwegian retailers and consumers.

05/11/2010 -
The acquisition is expected to help retailers and manufacturers reduce costs and waste in the supply chain.

05/22/2020 -
The economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt by virtually all businesses across the world for years to come. For alcoholic beverage makers, the outlook is challenging.

11/30/2015 -
Based in large part on a CGT survey of global CPG executives, this research all points to one important conclusion: For field teams to gain a competitive edge, they need an enterprise-grade mobile application that creates a seamless, real-time experience from the field to the office.

05/02/2013 -
In just 12 weeks, Accenture built and implemented a new digital social platform for Unilever that will help connect its marketers, brand managers and partners in 190 countries.

12/09/2014 -
With so much to do and see, CGT offers guidance on how consumer goods professionals can maximize their time spent at Retail's BIG Show. Find out what to look for while walking the floor, and how to engage solution providers and retailers in the most efficient way.

05/09/2014 -
A comparison chart of solution providers to the consumer goods industry in the areas of CRM, TPM, TPO, Salesforce Mobility, etc. Plus, experts discuss new technologies, the retailer-supplier relationship and incorporating big data for better customer insights.

02/21/2019 -
The CGT community’s preferred providers of cloud computing platforms that allow companies to collaboratively store, share and develop business-critical data and other information.

02/21/2019 -
The CGT community’s preferred providers for third-party strategic and tactical consulting services.

02/01/2018 -
The CGT community’s preferred providers of solutions for improving consumer engagement through social media, online platforms, digital content, advertising and omnichannel management.

11/25/2008 -
Top-performing beverage companies by annual revenue.

11/25/2008 -
Top-performing beverage companies by annual revenue.

01/24/2014 -
Consumer confidence was a bit manic in 2012, hitting a five-year high in November and then dropping again in December as consumers doubted an end to the fiscal cliff. The impact of this uncertainty plays out in the results of this annual listing of the top-performing public consumer goods companies.

06/04/2018 -
Andrew Soteriou brings a range of experience advising some of the world's leading consumer goods companies on value growth and best-in-class RGM techniques.
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