RichRelevance’s Spring ’20 Release Now Available

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor
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RichRelevance, a provider of omnichannel personalization technology that works with such brands as REI, Burberry, LL Bean, CDW and Office Depot, has made its Spring ’20 release available to retailers and consumer goods companies.

The release is designed to enable retailers and brands to deploy advanced personalization algorithms without dependence on data scientists and IT experts, in turn increasing speed to market.

Features include:

  • Configurable strategies that enable non-tech users to quickly build, test and iterate new personalization strategies, without having to wait on data science and engineering teams. Users can pick from a library of algorithms and then apply a personalization filter. New strategies are tested automatically in real-time.
  • Customizable model parameters so users can adjust existing models for more accurate results.
  • Affinity-biased recommendations to score and re-rank the results for every individual on attributes such as brand, category, color, price, promotions, etc. Marketers can experiment by controlling weights of different attributes, such as color being weighed higher than brand.
  • A search solution that automatically identifies any changes to price and availability of items in the catalog, and updates these attributes in real-time.
  • An Experience Designer that lets marketers insert placements of individualized recommendations, as well as segment-based content directly on the site, without the need for another tool or IT intervention. This is designed to let users create, preview and launch campaigns on the fly.
  • Benchmarking metrics to measure sales from recommendations and click-thru-rate against peers from their sub-vertical.

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