Reimagine Consumer Products Webinar Series

Reacting to change is just the beginning.  The time is now to totally REIMAGINE CONSUMER PRODUCTS to weather any challenge and thrive in the most competitive of future environments.  Check out these webinars to learn more.

Consumer Products Marketing Transformation: Driving Breakthrough Growth

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A revolution is underway in consumer products marketing. Sweeping changes are impacting the way companies gather data and establish a direct relationship with consumers. New business models are emerging that drive the front office and back office closer together, requiring more speed and agility than ever before. Is your company taking the transformative steps needed to address these challenges?

In many cases, the MarTech stack is weighed down with complexity and inconsistency, with only 58% of MarTech capabilities actually being used.

 One of the keys to success is to simplify the technology underpinning your marketing efforts with a fully integrated best in class suite of tools including commerce, customer data, omnichannel consumer engagement and brand and consumer insights. Join our webinar to learn more.

Addressing Strategic Priorities for Brand Innovation and Growth

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Continuous growth is the lifeblood of the consumer goods industry — brands that stand pat and refuse to evolve will see their market share slowly fade. To stay relevant with fickle consumers brands must accelerate their growth and innovation plans to ensure the long-term health of the organization.

Profitable Topline Growth

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The consumer products industry is changing rapidly due to shifting consumer habits and the effects of the recent pandemic. For many CP companies, growth continues to be a top priority – and the ability to adapt rapidly is a key requirement. This webinar will focus on key growth opportunities for CP companies, including M&A, new product innovation, organic growth, and meeting consumers in their moments of need.

Managing Supply Chain Fragility and the Conscious Consumer

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As we enter what we hope is the tail end of the pandemic, we have hoped that supply chain disruptions would also soon be a thing of the past. However, the world has changed – and our new normal includes global shortages on everything from medicine in Nairobi to petrol in Britain and paint in Texas. The long-held belief in just-in-time delivery and low inventory as a best practice is shifting. But what does the future look like for consumer products procurement teams focused on digital transformation, supplier collaboration and sustainable products? In this session, we’ll explore how to lead your business through the new normal by delivering a seamless supply chain, aligned to your company’s sustainability goals.